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Solid Gold Boxer Puppy ,3 weeks old

The best in holistic care that you can provide for your Pets.

After searching over two year, for a food that we felt would benefit our customers, we chose Solid Gold Products. If you take time to compare ingredients in your present food and Solid Gold, you will see why. As a holistic food there are no added chemicals or fillers. Everything in the bag or can is for the health of your pet. We have been selling Solid Gold for a year now and we have seen numerous success stories. So if your pet has skin problems, ear infections, chews at his feet, etc. give Solid Gold to him for at least 60 days and see the difference.


The Boxer puppies on this page are 2nd generation Solid Gold users. The mother and father have been on Solid Gold for almost 3 years now and this is the second litter that has been born and started on Solid Gold.  At 3 weeks they are beautiful and healthy and can't wait to find their new homes.

Solid Gold Products

Solid Gold Products
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